Everyone has that one friend, that always shows up late. Or are you the late coming friend yourself? Waiting is annoying because it feels like somebody is stealing your time. But how to address the problem without killing the mood? Paytime is an application concept to promote punctuality. It’s a fun way to tell your friend your time is valuable.
Once you sent your friend a messages saying “I am counting on you!“, the app starts to count the overdue time and balances it with a monetary compensation of 0,20 € per minute. The latecomer gets notified and is been given five minutes to get to the meeting. Every five minutes, a payment of 1€ is due. When arriving before the five minute overtime mark is reached, all is forgotten.
The project focus is not on complex and detailed interfaces, but on getting the main concept of movement right, using as less elements as possible. Therefore the directions of gaining and losing money played an important part in the learning process. Paytime is about designing a super simple interface to solve life challenges.
2018 | Concept & Realisation: Sophia Link | Camera: Lisa Raudnitschka